$16.95 & No Contract!

Already Have a System?

Do you already have an alarm system in your home, and just need monitoring? We save you as much money as we can by utilizing the system you already have in place. If compatible, our licensed technicians will simply reprogram or activate your system for monitoring, with no trip charge. Whether your system is compatible or not, your monthly rate is still just $16.95 with no contract!

Step 1

Find the model name on the front of your keypad or main control box.

Step 2

Call our sales department with the model name, and we will verify compatibility.

Step 3

Decide if you would like cellular wireless monitoring or phone line monitoring, and schedule a day to start service!

compatible systems Compatible Systems

Switching to Smith Thompson Security couldn't be easier. If your system is compatible, all you have to decide is which monitoring method you would like (wireless or phone line) and when you would like us to activate your service. One of our licensed technicians will reprogram, activate, and test the system you already have. You can even keep the same codes and passwords you are familiar with, or we can reprogram new ones free of charge.

noncompatible systems Non-Compatible Systems

If your alarm system is not compatible with us, making your system compatible is normally very easy to do. One of our licensed technicians will update the keypad and computer board, and then reconnect the wiring and contacts that are already in your doors and windows. The replacement cost is minimal, and this conversion normally takes about an hour. In some rare cases we have to start with a new installation if there is no wiring for us to re-use. It only takes our sales staff a few minutes to pinpoint the conversion cost over the phone.

systems needing repair Systems Needing Repair

Some systems only need minor repair whereas others need more attention, therefore we treat each system on a case-by-case basis. Minor problems such as needing a system reset or reprogramming are done free of charge. Replacement costs on actual hardware (if needed) is very competitively priced. Our licensed technicians are able to diagnose and solve most problems with minimal cost to you. Any initial costs to you will be offset by our low monthly cost of $16.95.

phone line or wireless? Phone Line or Wireless?

You have two monitoring options, traditional phone line or wireless. Either way, your monitoring rate stays $16.95 per month. Unlike all of our competitors, we do not increase your rate if you go wireless. Alarm systems that rely on a standard phone line can be easily defeated by a burglar in seconds with a cheap pair of wire cutters. Wireless monitoring is also a great solution for homes that have all-digital phones, voip phones, or no phone line at all. If you prefer phone line monitoring, a regular analog phone line is required. To read more about wireless monitoring please visit our wireless page.