How are you different from other alarm companies?

  • We can monitor your alarm system without a phone line!
  • We charge a fair price, $16.95 a month!
  • We don’t force you to sign a contract!
  • We have never had a price increase!
  • We never outsource monitoring or customer support!
  • We are the largest independently owned alarm company in Texas!

What is the real monthly cost?

$16.95 a month plus tax, the same rate we've had since 1978. We have never had a price increase. This is a flat rate, so it doesn't increase when you add extras like wireless monitoring, smoke detectors, or any other devices.

Do I still need my land line?

Not anymore! We can install a wireless transmitter on your existing system, eliminating the need for a costly land line phone. It's also safer because a burglar can defeat most systems by simply cutting the phone line on the side of your home. Save money and increase your safety. Go wireless!

Does cellular wireless monitoring cost extra?

Unlike other companies, we do not increase your monitoring rate. It's still just $16.95 a month. The only cost is for the Uplink device itself, which is a one time charge of $125.

Is my alarm system compatible with your service?

Most systems are compatible with us. You will need to check for a model or manufacturer name on the front of your keypad first, and give our sales department a call to determine compatibility. Occasionally we see systems that are in disrepair or not compatible that may need some updating with minimal cost. Give us call, most quotes take no more than 5 minutes.

How long is your contract?

We have never required long term contracts. All we require is a 30 day written notice if you want to stop the service. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

What happens when my alarm goes off?

A dispatcher immediately calls you on any number you would like us to call. If we don’t receive an answer, the police or fire department are dispatched to your home. If we do receive an answer we verify your password, and at that point you can decide if you want us to dispatch or not. We never charge for false alarms.

Do I get a homeowners insurance discount?

Yes! We are fully licensed and approved by all major insurance companies.

Do I get a discount for prepaying?

Yes! Many of our customers choose the option of prepaying 11 months and getting the 12th month free! If you discontinue service, any unused portion will be refunded.

Do I get credit for referring a customer to you?

Yes! Each time you refer a friend or family member, and they sign up for our service, you get one month of service free.

Can I still have my system monitored through the phone line if I choose?

Yes, you can as long as you have a regular analog phone line (not an internet or digital based phone line). Just remember, a phone line monitored system can be easily defeated by cutting the line on the side of your house. It's always better to go wireless.

I don't have a system now. What does a new system cost?

If you don't have a system in your home now, our standard installation is $499. You can find all of the details in our New Installation section.

Do I need an alarm permit?

Yes, most cities and towns have ordinances requiring you to register your alarm with your local police department. Contact your local police department or city hall to obtain your permit application. Once registered, be sure to call and give us your permit number. IMPORTANT: Most police departments will not respond to your alarm without a permit!

How much are service calls?

Any equipment installed by Smith Thompson has a one year parts and labor warranty. Our standard service call fee is $49 for any equipment not installed by Smith Thompson, or outside of the warranty period. We keep our service call prices well below our competitors.